The Adidas AdiZero Tour is one of the lightest golf shoes in the market as they bring all their experience from the world of football to golf. It undeniably looks like a football boot in some ways but we don't think that is a bad thing as the styling gives it some very elegant lines. The white and yellow version is a bit marmite, but the all black and all white versions look much more classy than some of the recent tour shoes, especially the black one.

The weight of the shoe is the first thing you notice. At 310 grams is it 40% lighter than the Tour 360 ATV and this has to be felt to be believed. Having worn them for several rounds you hardly feel you are wearing anything on your feet compared to most other shoes and this must surely have a benefit over a long round as you will be less fatigued.

The Sprint Frame outsole is exceptionally thin but despite this the comfort is excellent. The raised spike ports did make us wonder if they would still be comfortable on firmer ground, but having played with them on a links course, we were very impressed at how the sole moulded to ground. The spikes seemed to offer a lot of cushioning and on a parkland course these will feel like slippers.

(Martin Hopley)


This Product deliver from Vietnam Via Lazada


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